Sustainable Design for Urban Living


The service we offer is Environmentally Sustainable Design with a focus on Passive Solar Design and Urban Design including Project Management.

Nodal development - conservation between nodes-Green City.
Master Plans & Frameworks

COP Urban Design Framework

3D city modelling used to visualise a precinct plan.
3D City Modelling

Plain Street Node

Lighting master plan showing lighting hierarchy.
Strategies, Policies & Guidelines

COP Lighting Strategy

Passive solar design showing light scoops facing north.
Passive Solar Design

Kings Point, Milton NSW

Selection of a variety of Projects illustrating Master Plans & Frameworks, 3D City Models, Passive Solar Design, and Strategies, Policies and Guidelines.

About Studio Eco

Studio Eco is a multi-disciplinary company specialising in all facets of Urban Design and Architecture - Master Plans and Frameworks, Strategies and Design Guidelines as well as 3D City Modelling and Passive Solar Design.


From the people who have inspired us

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    That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

    Steve Jobs (from the New York Times)
  • "First we shape our cities, then they shape us"

    Jan Gehl (from the Nomad Magazine)
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    Buildings, towns and cities are the most powerful and moving elements of our existence, as powerful as religion, music, art or politics. Yet cities are, and always have been, more than these: they are permanent, public and shared in both expression and achievement. Architecture and urbanism, I have no doubt, are our greatest achievements.

    Sir Terry Farrell (from 10 Years: 10 Cities)