Passive solar design showing light scoops facing north.
IAtrium allows natural light into this underground library.
The atrium shown above, brings natural light into the centre of this energy efficient, climate responsive underground library. Michael Murphy, in his capacity as Project Architect was the designer for the University of Stellenbosch Library, which is the largest underground library in the Southern Hemisphere.

Passive Solar Buildings Examples of buildings designed using passive solar principles.

Your building project provides an opportunity to make a difference to the ecology of the planet – your home could use energy and resources more efficiently, produce less waste, less greenhouse gas and less toxic emission. It could contribute to the health and well being of its occupants. The design could take these and other factors into account over the building’s entire life. Passive solar design, for example, can achieve a significant decrease in energy consumption over the life of the building.

From Our Great Clients

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    Our Passive Solar home is just wonderful! It is so comfortable to live in and is very energy efficient all the year round.

    Roger and Pat Pettman
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Studio Eco is a design company that utilises cutting edge technology to help you design your passive solar home over the internet. Using the best architectural software for design and validation, our design team can produce homes that are guaranteed to be comfortable, summer and winter.

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