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City of Perth Lighting Strategy Perth is proudly known as the City of Lights - an honour bestowed on our city in 1962 when US astronaut John Glenn commented on the visibility of Perth from space.

In his capacity as Principal Urban Designer Michael Murphy led the City of Perth team to produce a strategy to encapsulate the unique qualities of Perth by day and transfer these into a night time environment.


Neighbourhood Character Study Hackney Neighbourhood Character Study - Adelaide

Hackney is special for the variety of activities it accommodates, and for its cultural identity, which revolves around associations with St Peters College and the nearby Botanic Gardens. It’s layout is a departure from the city grid into which residential, commercial, light industrial and other land uses have been mixed.

Transit-oriented development, transit hub, transport & urban form,access to people goods & services

Design Guidelines Eastern Gateway, Plain St. Node & City of Geraldton

Local Development Plans Northern Precinct - City of Stirling

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  • "First we shape our cities, then they shape us"

    Jan Gehl (from the Nomad Magazine)
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